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  • FLYCAM AERIAL COMMERCIAL 2K14-15 Flycamstudio commercial. Tap the link above.


    City views from DSLR camera onboard gimbal on multirotor platform.

Development and implementation solutions using aerial photography video gyro-stabilized platforms for DSLR, HDSLR for cinematography, like mechanical elements, high-lifting multirotor frames and gimbals, unique multirotor platforms for the implementation of video / photography to meet the unique requirements of the specific order.

Leading Ukraine supplier of aerial filming services flying serlf developed remote controlled UAV drones. FAI, CAA qualified, insured. Capture your adventures with amazing aerial shots on RED.

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Over period since 2008, we actually went all the way - from the self-built "on the knee" small quadrocopter to professional multirotor complex satisfying the quality requirements for film footage. We know the price of success and the importance of impeccable reputation.

–Andrii Palekha, CEO

Unlimited Skills

Flycamstudio was established to provide innovative technologies and solutions to various industries. Our mission is to establish profound relationships entities as local and foreign filmakers based in the Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Republic of Azerbaijan and to implement substantial improvements in their performances. Our values define the principles we follow in carrying out any and all of our missions, which include: acting with rigid honesty and moral values in everything we do, satisfying our customers with innovative technology and superior service, quality and value, and respecting our physical and social environment around the globe.

Technical Futures

Our profile are multirotors aircraft - multicopter, which may have up to 12 rotors depending on the payload, which should go up in the air to shoot. Payload for our copters is a camera, on gimbal with automatic stabilization of vibrations, which is developed by our team as well, but the scope of which goes far beyond the application for multicopter. Such gimbals are used on the movie cranes, electronic steadicam, sliders, etc. Drones can reach speeds up to 100 kilometers per hour, rise to any height in the zone distinct visibility. Frequency range is limited only by the capabilities of equipment and radio equipment for the transmission of video.

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HARDWARE for aerial filming